The Villages of Fulmodeston, Barney and Croxton


Fulmodeston Parish Council serves the three villages of Fulmodeston, Barney and Croxton within the auspices of North Norfolk District Council. 

Fulmodeston Parish Council


The Parish Council is made up of members who all live in the village and represent the village on various matters.  We are effectively the third tier of local government, the other two being Norfolk County Council and North Norfolk District Council.

News and Information

Hindoveston Road

from the Old Post Office

by Hilldred Harman

An open letter


Just after the first wave of Covid and the initial lockdown last March, I spent many frustrating and worrying days convincing dearest friends and family how bad things could get in the coming months. It's not a nice feeling listening to people you love and respect almost in denial that this killer disease is not as bad as they say and not bothering to protect themselves and others because they feel sure they won't get it.  My instant and sometimes, frustrating and regretfully aggressive reply is,  IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU, (usually with a tag on the end I won't repeat in this note). In the early spring of last year I performed a smoke test in my garden to show my family how useless the 6 foot distance rule was and that your outbreath could travel 15 to 20 feet in a 6mph breeze down wind and 50 feet in a 15 to 20mph wind. 


After hearing Chris Witty this morning unable to make a simple life-saving decision on whether we should wear masks outside, I feel the need to speak up and send a message to all my neighbours, local villages and hopefully the wider community. You are not safe outside at 6 feet unless you are upwind, you are not safe in pinch points ie narrow tracks with high hedgerows where there is nowhere to escape, in car parks, in narrow village lanes and on your own porch when you answer your door. 


When I approach someone outside; a walker, bike rider, or a runner I have a mask ready to slip on, it takes 10 seconds and I take it off when the coast is clear. Am I embarrassed to do this, certainly not - and they shouldn’t be either – am I annoyed, yes I am because they couldn’t be bothered to pay me the same respect. 


If everyone could put their feet on the floor in the morning and say to themselves, IT’S NOT ABOUT ME, our village, our community, our country, would a safer place.


Please have a mask ready when you see me coming and I will do the same for. Thanks and stay safe.


Eddie Goodridge

Proposed Gateway Signs

As per Government guidelines the Playing field & play area at Fulmodeston is CLOSED.


The play area at Barney is also CLOSED but the field is still open but keep to the government recommended guidelines.

Thanks, Barney & Fulmodeston PFA

​The Parish Council

The Parish Council is apolitical.

It can, and does, do many things –

  1. Planning applications – the PC is a statutory consultant on all planning applications made within the parish. Recent examples have been a barn conversion – supported; construction of duck rearing units – opposed; wind farm cabling – many concerns.

  2. Broadband – trying to get a better Broadband service throughout the parish.

  3. Mains Drainage – working with Anglian Water to provide an opportunity for properties to be connected to a new mains drainage system to replace septic tanks.

  4. Roads – meeting with and corresponding with Norfolk County Council Highways Department to reduce flooding, repair the roads and fill potholes.

  5. Playing Fields – providing funding for the maintenance of the playing fields in Barney and Fulmodeston.

  6. Rights of Way – communicating with landowners and NCC Rights of Way officers to ensure that paths are kept open and accessible for all.

  7. Traffic Management [Speeding] – in the past the PC has supported a Speedwatch scheme throughout the parish. This was discontinued because of lack of volunteers. A new SAM 2 speed measurement system in currently under consideration [see the PC Agenda for 24th July] – volunteers are needed.

  8. North Norfolk District Council and Norfolk County Council – liaison with our elected District and County Councillors [who are usually in attendance at PC meetings].

  9. PC meetings – 6 meetings are held each year with agendas and Minutes placed on 3 parish noticeboards and on the parish website. The meetings are open to the public and an opportunity to speak and express views is always provided.

  10. Police – a police representative is always invited to attend meetings. Following budget cuts, there has been no police officer at our meetings for many months. The Police and Crime Commissioner says that this is due to the severe reductions in police numbers following budget cuts.

  11. Precept – the PC is financed by a precept set each year. The amount appears within, and is collected through, your annual council tax bill from the District Council. We are currently supporting a Wells Town Council initiative in trying to get the 5% second homes tax paid direct to parish and town councils rather than into the District and County general budget. Audited accounts are published annually.

  12. Property – the council owns 4 plots of land, all in Barney, which are let out by tender on a 3 year cycle. The PC also owns the 3 bus shelters and 3 noticeboards in the parish. The PC provides insurance for these assets. The PC financially supports the 2 parish newsletters.

  13. Clerk – the PC employs a part-time clerk to overlook the clerical and admin role of the council and to advise the councillors on procedure.

  14. Elections – parish councillors are elected every 4 years and are unpaid. Between elections casual vacancies may be filled by co-option. There are currently 6 councillors and 1 vacancy. In recent years no councillors have claimed any expenses, although they are perfectly entitled to. The PC elects a Chair and Vice-Chair annually from within the council. Details of all current councillors [parish, district and county] and the clerk are on all the noticeboards and on the website.

  15. The PC has certain powers in respect of burial grounds and cemeteries covered by Acts of Parliament from 1906 onwards.

  16. Grants – the PC can source grants for parish assets and give small grants to external organisations [e.g. Air Ambulance, Citizens Advice Bureau, etc]

  17. Call public meetings: e.g. planning, mains drainage, etc.’

Guist Mobile Post Office Leaflet
Flytipping Poster

Fulmodeston Parish Council

Mr Kevin Webb (Parish Clerk)

1 Townshend Green West


NR21 8NQ

01328 855046

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